Strategic Planning & Risk Mgt.

Environmental Scanning, Operational Risk Mapping, Initiation & Strategic Planning, Product Development, Market Segmentation, Project Management, Trade & SMEs Financing, Value-Chain and Positioning

Data Labs India Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is an Information Technology Solutions (ERP & EPM) Company, helps organizations to achieve business excellence and increase competitiveness through digital transformations. 

We strongly believe that strategy execution is a key priority for you and we are ready to empower you through our solution fruiStrategy® BSC.  The solution supports all the processes of XPP (Execution Premium).  You can try the solution and realize your strategies.  We support you all the way to empower you

fruiStrategy® Balanced Scorecard is a strategy execution solution that enables strategy managers to execute strategy consistently.  fruiStrategy® supports the strategy execution methodology of “Execution Premium (XPP)” by Dr. Kaplan and Dr. Norton.  It comes with a rich user experience and user-friendly UI which empowers strategy executives to have fantastic tool.  A definitive tool to bring your organization to a hall of fame list.

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